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Boltzmannstr. 3, Garching bei München

office 01.11.037

I am a scientific researcher and head of the Automated Software Testing (AST) Field of Competence at fortiss and an Assistant Professor at the Chair of Software Engineering for Data-intensive Applications of the School of Computation, Information and Technology of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

My research focuses on the interface between software engineering and deep learning with the goals of improving the robustness, reliability, and dependability of data-intensive software systems.

Current interests involve monitoring techniques and automated functional oracles for deep learning-based systems, with a particular focus on autonomous vehicles, and the robustness and maintainability of test suites of modern web applications.

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My current and past topics are:

  • Testing AI-based systems :robot: [ICST 2024a, ICST2024b, EMSE 2024, TSE 2022, ASE 2022, JSEP 2021, ICST 2021, ICSE 2020, EMSE 2020, ISSREW 2020]
  • Grey literature analysis :books: [QUATIC 2023, SOFSEM 2021, ICSTW 2021]
  • Studies of JS bugs :bug: [ICST 2019, STVR 2020]
  • Computer vision for Software Engineering :eye: [TSE 2020, ESEC/FSE 2018, STVR 2017, SAC 2015, SCAM 2014]
  • Near-duplicate detection in web app models :family_man_boy_boy: [ICSE 2020]
  • Assertion-preserving test minimization :scissors: [ICSE 2018]
  • Web test generation :pencil: [ICST 2020, ESEC/FSE 2019]
  • Web test repair :wrench: [FSE 2016, ESEC/FSE 2018]
  • Web test robustness :chains: [JSEP 2016, ICST 2015, SBST 2015, ISSREW 2014, WSE 2013]
  • Web test maintainability :man_mechanic: [SQJ 2017, ICWE 2016, AST 2015]